Niko DeMaria

- Paintings by Niko DeMaria: Eat my Feet and Call Me Short

- More Paintings by Niko DeMaria:  Horror Vacui

- Additional Paintings by Niko DeMaria: NikoArtifacts.com

Collage is defined as “an artistic arrangement of fragments.” Niko DeMaria goes beyond the usual collage. His compositions are complex and full of references to modern as well as classical works of art and literature. There is considerable humor in his creations. He was born in England and has dual American and English citizenship. He graduated from Parsons School of Design and went to work with Saatchi & Saatchi, a very large advertising firm. Part of his program was taken at the Otis campus and another part at St.Martin’s in London. After some years in the  advertising business he and his wife Vanessa went to Europe for several years, partly Spain and partly England. Back in the U.S., Niko had a series of exhibitions of his unique paintings. His studio is in an old barn and silo on Long Island, a work of art in itself.